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Books about Ostertag genealogy

There are four books about the history and genealogy of the name Ostertag which can be purchased here:

book: Ostertag in Augsburg The book „Ostertag in Augsburg“ was published for the family renion 2008 in Augsburg.

It contains comprehensive information about the history of Augsburg and the Ostertag families in this town. They were mostly goldsmiths from 16th to 18th century, some of there works can still be viewed in museums in Augsburg today

Also some of the goldsmiths coats of arms are shown and explained in the book.

Besides, the book contains an overview of all the family reunions, the Ostertag family branches in Germany and famous persons named Ostertag .

The book came out in A5 format and has 104 pages. If you want to buy this book, please send us an email.

book: die Poppenweiler Ostertaglinie The hobby genealogist Wolfgang Ostertag has collected the results of researches about the Poppenweiler branch and put them together with the results of his own researches to a very intersting and informative book.

The book contains all known male decendants of Veit Ostertag (born 1570), the progenitor of the Poppenweiler branch, with information to their families and partly detailed reports about their lives. Besides, it contains the results of researches in different archives which trace back the name Ostertag in Poppenweiler to 1424. He even managed to find ancestors of one of the Ostertag's wives who belonged to the nobility.

The book came out in A5 format and has 136 pages. Currently, it is not available.

book: Die Ostertag-Familien The book „Die Ostertag-Familien“ which was published at the family reunion of Strassbourg in 2002 reports about our current knowledge of origin and coats of arms of the Ostertag families and gives an overview of the different Ostertag branches. It also contains an article about the history of the German Ostertag association.

Besides, it contains the speeches held at the family reunion in strassbourg, especially the speech of Howard Lanham and Alfred Ostertag about the emigrant Michael Ostertag/Michael Easterday. This is followed by the Ostertag'sches Familienarchiv, where you can learn more about famous Ostertags and places named after Ostertags.

The book came out in A5 format and has 81 pages. It's available in German, English and French, but only as a file, not printed anymore. If you want to order it, please send us an email.

Unfortunately, the book „Die Ostertage“ which was written by Friedhelm Ostertag and was published in 1973 is not available anymore in original. But you can get it in a copied version from us.

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