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Today's spreading of the name Ostertag

In Germany there are about 1300 Ostertag families today (Source: CD-Rom with phone numbers from 2001). Most of them are living in South Germany which is probably the original home of the Ostertags. A map which shows the spreading is showed at the bottom of the page.

Regarding the other parts of Europe, the name is also very frequent in Switzerland (169 families) and in France (178 families), especially in the Alsace. In these countries, Ostertags are living for hundreds of years. But also in some other countries there are Ostertags, especially in Austria, but also in Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain or Luxemburg.

Fast so viele Ostertag-Haushalte wie in Deutschland gibt es in der USA. Häufiger ist dort aber der Name Easterday, er kommt 1003 mal vor. Den Name Ostertag gibt es 363 mal.

There are nearly as many Ostertag and Easerday families in the USA as in Germany. But there the name Easterday is more common (1003 families) than the original name Ostertag (363 families)

Spreading of the name Ostertag in Germany according to postal code regions(Source: CD-Rom with phone numbers from 2001)
(legend of the colours from dark to light: more than 100, 40-100, 20-40, 10-20, 5-10, fewer than 5)

spreading of the name Ostertag in Germany

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