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Three legends about the appearance of the name Ostertag

The warrior

The first legend says that exacly on the Easter holiday a seasoned warrior was taken into service by a South German captain. Since he was a foreigner and came from far away, he was called „der vom Ostertag“ and finally as epithat, „der Ostertag“. This epithat became, as it was usual, his surname.

The crusader

An other legend tells the following story: On a crusade, a part of the crusader army was attacked by the Sarazenes on the Easter holiday. One of the crusaders' servants became the hero during the defence of the attack. After that, he was called „der vom Ostertag“ or shortly „der Ostertag“. As a reward for his courage he was knighted by the emperor and given the rule of a castle.

The foundling

The third legend says that in former times on the Easter holidays a new born child was abandoned and found on the steps of an altar. This child was given the name Ostertag, and it became progenitor of all the Ostertags.

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