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The founder of the family association

Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedhelm Ostertag was born in 1934 in Darmstadt. He is the son of the Lieutenant Colonel Heinrich Ostertag. After the war he moved to Nördlingen, the home town of his father, with his parents and his brothers and sisters. Prompted by the father's small family chronicle and the many signs of his Ostertag ancestors in Nördlingen he started pursuing genealogy among other hobbies in his school time. He visited archives and libraries in the region of Nördlingen. Full of enthusiasm he continued searching Ostertag ancestors and relatives also after the set-backs.

After the Abitur Friedhelm studied business management and was living and working in Munich. Because of the job and the family time for genealogy was very scarce in this time. After the sudden death of his first wife he raised his daughter on his own. During the second marriage with Ursula (born Kreuzer) he had another two sons.

It was the meeting with Hazel Easterday from USA who searched for their ancestors in Germany that induced him to devoted more time on genealogy again. A result of that were the big and small family reunions from 1972 until 1997 which were held in order to give a possibility to the Ostertags to get to know each other and to share their information and the results of their researches.

Prof Dr. Dr. Friedhelm was a great personality of aristocratic appearance and perfect, traditional manners. He was excellent in holding speeches and could refer to his treasure of resources. Unfortunately, the only written documents he left were one Ostertag book and his many letters.

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