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International family reunion 2002 in Strassbourg

The latest international family reunion which already was the 11th one took part in September 2002 in Strassbourg. We were happy that about 100 people from Germany, Switzerland, France and the USA took part in the reunion and had a beautiful weekend in Strassbourg.

If you took part in the meeting, we can send you the address list of all the participants and a link to a website which contains pictures of nearly all the participants. If you are interested in this, please send us an email. Also the book which was released at the reunion in english and German can now be ordered from us. The following photo of the whole group was taken during the trip to the ruins of the castles of Winstein and Fleckenstein:

group photo during the family reunion in Strassbourg

There is a longer report about the meeting, which is in German only, and which can be found on the German version of this page

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